One Of The Hardest Working Queens In The Industry Is Quickly Rising. If You Don't Know Saydah, Let Us Introduce You



   Born in Liberia West Africa, world traveled, and…


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ChefChris Has the Perfect Recipe for Spirit Soothing with His New Album Release "Soul Therapy"

   Emcee ChefChris is whipping up the perfect meal for hungry hip hop heads with the release of his album "Soul Therapy." With a witty slick twist and metaphoric wordplay, ChefChris delivers food for the…


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If You Dont Know About Underground Artist Kalo...Let Him Introduce Himself With His new Project "Kalo-I-Am"

       Recording artist "Kalo" has just released his new mixtape. The DJ 837 hosted "Kalo-I-Am" is an amazing catalog of music from this young man. With a little something for everybody, Kalo does not fail in showing his talent and ambition with each song on this 13 track release.  Dope instrumental…


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King K1o5e would Like To take A Moment And Just Celebrate "THISGOODLIFE"

     King K1o5e is immediately back in rotation with his new single "THISGOODLIFE." A bouncy feel good vibe beat accompanies King K1o5e's lyrical delivery for this release. Between metaphoric lines and out right statements, the King addresses living high and mighty compared to the next.…


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King K Lets It be Known He Holds The Crown With The Bake Session In His New Single "Bakery Status"

    King K just released his new single "Bakery Status." King K rides so perfectly over the pocket of an uptempo yet laid back track that honestly couldn't have been released at a better time. Summer time...full tank...open road...and what's the trip with out getting baked? And that's exactly what King K would…


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Andyva & Dorona Alberti Bring You Their "Sexclusive" New Video

     Singer/song writer Andyva introduces himself to the world with the cinematic presentation of his debut single "Sexclusive." Brilliantly filmed in stunning 4K quality, Andyva gives an amazing first appearance filled with comfort and confidence. Enlisting the help of the lovely Dorona…


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Toronto Emcee Shay-D Kid Is making A Blaze In The Indie Scene From Canada Through The States

Young Toronto-based Hip Hop recording artist Shay-D Kid is one of the fastest rising talents to hit the rap scene and is signed to Bentley Records a International Record Label based in New York City. 

At the age of only 18 he's quickly leaving his imprint on the rap…


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Saf Has Released His New Project "Yung Shonen" And He Is Showcasing Raw Talent

    Underground emcee Saf is blazing through the indie scene with his new project "Yung Shonen." Produced by Atl Stackz, this 9 track release sets forth to show Saf's versitility, creativity and down right talent.  From the energetic Ring Around the Rosie to the mellow track Movie, Saf shows his diversity. Even…


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King K1o5e Is A Focused And Dedicated Artist With A Track Record Of Work Ethic That Speaks For Itself

    Colonial Beach, VA has a wildfire brewing and about to spread that goes by the title "King K1o5e."   He has released quite a few singles...they have have racked up quite a buzz quickly pushing the King closer to that thrown in the underground.

     His soundcloud page has brought…


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Foday Church Wants You to Know the Artist behind the Music in His Raw FreeStyle Release "Peek-A-Boo"


   Underground emcee Foday Church has just released his new single "Peek A Boo" for free streaming via Soundcloud.  Taking it back to a time in hip hop where freestyle's where raw and delivered no holds barred…


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TeddyBlacc Releases New Single "Take Off" From His Upcoming Project "#TeddyItsSummer"

    TeddyBlacc is preparing to release his upcoming project "#TeddyItsSummer" and in its anticipation he has released a super hot single to strike the match.  A mellow tempo, but with a dark bounce and hard…


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Like A Diamond In The Ruff, Tru Wealth Brings Gold To Hip Hop With His Upcoming First Full Length Project "I Got Wealth"

   Tru Wealth, an American artist, performer, director, and musician who was previously known by his production name, The One Man Band aka O.M.B. of OMB-Productions, this week announced that this August 4, he will be releasing his first full-length debut album, titled I Got…


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6ix The Mastermind And Trev Swear They Will Not Get Tired As They Are Running To The Hundreds"

    Mansfield Ohio emcee 6ix the Mastermind has been building his buzz and respect in the underground scene. Both are well deserved. Slick wordplay and stylish beat riding only add to the effect of hearing this "breath of fresh air" artist bring some good...back to the term "good…


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Tyler Star Has A Message To His Haters And Compliments It With A Hot Video Release

  Tyler Star has just released his new music video entitled 'Haters." A crisp fast edited cinematic piece that expresses Tylers energy on the mic in visual presentation. Featuring Oun P, the two lyrical dominate the track. Letting the haters know the hating doesn't stop the hustle. The director…


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Skaz One is Touching Nice Numbers With His New Single "My Fidget Spinner Matches My Jordans"


 San Francisco's Skaz One has been releasing music since about 2005. His buzz and follwing has continued to grow with each album ans single released. Doing numbers in all the valuable markets such as Spotify, Itunes, Soundcloud and more. He is known for his charismatic flow and intelligent word…


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Richie Rich AKA Rich Roze Preps For His Upcoming Video Release With A Slick Little Trailer. Check it Out

   Rich Roze is approaching the game different. And he gave us a quick glimpse through his eyes with more to come. He is preparing to release the visual for "Seminole Bitch" and has dropped a hot little teaser. Already bringing a spoken word type flow, he gives us a 40 second clip that so far is showing the night in first person point of…


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Khaotic jackson Shuts The Night Down With His New Video and Single "Party After Party"

     If you don't have anything to do this weekend...Khaotic Jacksons new single and video release "Party After Party" is gonna make all of that change. He channels the inner energy of the house party with this song. And delivers a stunningly crisp and colorful music video to…


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Kid Max And Gwopa Team Up With B Bright To Spit About "Bucks"


    Young artists Kid max and Gwopa have just released their newest single "Bucks." They recently released to soundcloud a hard hitting track about the life they witnessed, choices for survival and simply BUCKS. They enlist fellow Emcee, B Bright. The 3 each bring a different tone and…


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A.D.Q. 1982 Delivers An Emotional Story In The new Single And Video Release "Deep Feelings"

     Louisiana Emcee A.D.Q. has been building his name and perfecting his craft while earning his buzz. We don't want to give away to many details, because almost any detail, is a spoiler. But his new video release "Deep Feelings" is an astonishing piece of musical and cinematic creation. A.D.Q. tackles a…


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Rapper Dylan Phillip And Singer Sammie Arena Team Up To Bring Us The Spotify Released Single "Butterflies"

    Fresh to the streaming app Spotify, is the new single "Butterflies," from rhyme spitter Dylan Phillip, and given a strong emotional push with the powerful vocals of singer Sammie Arena. Dylan flips through this hip hop laced production with direct delivery and skill. Walking…


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