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NEXT UP?? Hip Hop Artist BUICE Drops The Full Filling Project "Food for Thought"

Yooooooo!!!! Who's hunger for some real Hip Hop music? Bring your plate. BUICE just dropped his new full length project titled "Food for Thought." And if you've…


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Miss Good RnB/Soul Music? We Recommend You Look Into Singer/Songwriter EvaOni

RnB just doesn't present the artists it used to. High powered vocals have been replaced with digitally altered whispers, the ability to touch notes have been replaced with autotune, and the energy,both in the music and live,... is just no longer there. Looking for good soulful music these days, you either find yourself listening to new rappers,…


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Sly Rankin Delivers A Full Package With The Release Of His New Single "Boom Bye Bye"

Sly Rankin drops a heater of a single in his "Boom Bye Bye" release, an ode to dancehall legend Shabba Ranks. Sly tears thru the instrumental with a dope mix of hiphop and dancehall flow filled with punchlines and and a sick energetic style. Bringing life to the track and guaranteed to bring life to the dance floor, "Boom Bye Bye" has been…


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Bazerk Drops A New And Entertaining Video For The Single "Preacher MAn"

Like a blend of hard rock metal and raw hiphop, this group of musicians goes Bazerk. And the latest single "Preacher MAn" is everything entertainment is made of. From taking the camera right to the heart of what they call home, to a live band playing on the front lawn while an emcee drops knowledge filled substance lyrics hyped to the max on…


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Tyshawn Shows He Is A Lyrical Force To Be Reckoned With With The Release of His New Single "Great"

Hip Hop Emcee Tyshawn hits the scene with his new single "Great."  Tyshawn rides over the beat with an amazing style and sound. Clear and intelligently written and recited, Tyshawn brings a hunger to hip hop we just don't get anymore with the new era of entitled and talent-less rappers pushed and funded by the machine. If you're looking…


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Indie Emcee CarlJ Gives A Taste Of What's To Come With The Release Of His "StarGazing" EP

CarlJ delivers in high quality with his new EP release of "StarGazing."  Described as an appetizer before the main course, he fills the listeners with good…


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Up And Coming Emcee Alliance Drops His New Single "Dont Kill My Vibe" Featuring Michael in the Basement

Hip Hop emcee "Alliance" has been building his resume and dropping music consistently. His originality and ability to be himself has been a major ingredient in the music he has been releasing and the positive feedback it has received. Adding to that momentum, Alliance has teamed up with "Michael in the Basement," who brings extreme talent to…


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Hip Hop Emcee Cheikh Drops A Banging New Project "Star Shit"

Its been a while since we've heard some real versatility in today's Hip Hop. Everybody likes the same sound, so everybody uses the same sound. Now I'm not gonna say, indie artist Cheikh didn't borrow the over used style too...but he did it with finesse. And it wasn't all he did on this album.

"Star Shit," the latest release from…


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FRAZZLDAZZL and RAN$YD come together and deliver one of the sickest hip hop tracks I've heard this year. Their wicked styles collab greatly over a dark instrumental.…


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Up And Coming Emcee Owen Mc Grory Gives The Listeners 3 New Songs On Soundcloud

Owen Mc Grory has been perfecting his craft and made a lane by creating original content in a time where sounding alike is acceptable.  He is consistent in dropping new material and known for always being in the studio working. Owen just dropped 3 new singles. Although he has music available for streaming on popular platforms such as Spotify,…


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Hip Hop Duo "A'P" Set The Streets On Fire As They Drop Their New Single "Blac Flame"

"Blac Flame" is definitely some fire for the game right now. From the bass driven beat to the heavy toned lyrics, the Hip hop combo known as A'P bring everything a…


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Independent Lyricist MOBANGAA4FANGAAZ Drops His New Single "Don't Give A Fuck" And Shows Hip Hop Is Still Alive

MOBANGAA4FANGAZ spits with real skill, real hunger and some good knowledge twisted in the metaphors and punchlines. He flows in a way that we don't hear anymore in…


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Up And Comer Kay PhiXips Drops His New Single"Going On"

Kay PhXips describes his music as Alternative Hip Hop. And we have to strongly agree. Like a blend between hip hop and RnB, Kay PhiXips delivers raw emotion and creative…


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Lord Coonie Drops His New Video "Vincent Vega"

With some cool visuals, cool delivery and cool presentation....these guys definitely held up to the title of "Vincent Vega."  Lord Coonie collabs with Tommy Midnight as they bring a live feel to the single with animated lyrics. And DTG Films matches the vibe with some next level visual effects. This is definitely one for hiphop heads and…


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The Duo Known As 4TERNITY Drops A New Video And Shows Status In "No No No"

4TERNITY gets all yes's with the release of the new single/video "No No No." They get saucy on the instrumental spewing bars of a hard hustle and heavy come up. And the visual behind the song is A1 professional. Crisp and clean as a new outfit, "No No No" holds an "already success" look packaged with smooth camera glides, beautiful rides…


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Jordy Sam and Young Lew Drop Their Highly Anticipated Ep "Full Circle"!!!!

Jordy Sam and Young Lew are 2 up and comers that have been building one hell of a well deserved following.  Extremely talented in both music creation and song assembly, the music brings a fresh feel of good vibes and skill. The anticipation for their project has been building as Lions Den 360 has been…


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Buckle Up For The Ride As Darrin Jones Drops His New Project "To The Moon"

To The moon is an extremely well produced project from an extremely talented artist. Darrin Jones new album "To The Moon" has just hit all major streaming and distribution platforms, and is gaining a lot of recognition for its creative content. Lyrical, Darrin Jones delivers on all 10…


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YungScythe Releases His New Single "Vampire"

YungScythe has just dropped his new single "Vampire" for the listeners. With a blend of hip hop and hard metal, YungScythe brings a whole different feel and flavor…


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Jake Shaw "YourOwnMusic" CEO Helps Artists With The Organic Music Promotion

"YourOwnMusic" has been helping independent artists get their music viewed and heard. In the beginning this promotional company was only available to an exclusive few, but as time went on and new music became so much more accessible to listeners, CEO Jake Shaw decided it was time to go public…


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Hip Hop Artist Fly Man Is Ready To Take Over With The Release Of The "Fly Man Enterprise Presents World Domination" Project

Fly Man gets lyrical and brings the backing of some hard ass beats on his new project. The 10 track album is seasoned with something for everybody. From the streets to the clubs, even a little something something to ride to on date night, all corners are covered. Fly Man's lyrical delivery is quickly…


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