HipHop Recording Artist Gabbanna Drops An "Amazing" New Single. Check This Out

    Gabbanna, just dropped a dope single "Amazing," available for free streaming on Soundcloud. A tight instrumental accompanies Gabbanna's auto-tuned vocals as he tells a laid back tale of a…


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Underground Artist Nelly B Drops Hard Lyrics, Consistent Tracks And Quickly Showing She Can Stomp With The Big Boys In The male Dominated Hip Hop Industry

    Brooklyn lyricists Nelly B is something different and fresh for hip hop...and a hell of a representative for women everywhere. In a male dominated industry, most female artists choose to present them self as worthless half dressed gold diggers. They focus on always mentioning…


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Tommy Gunz Is Coming Into the Independent Underground With A Storm of Pressure in His Debut Project Tsunami

    Recently hitting the hip hop scene, Tommy Gunz jumps right in and rains down rugged and raw lyrics through his debut project "Tsunami." He brings reality based street life music. Being…


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Clip Monstar Teams With Skippa Da Flippa For A New Visual Release And Ask "Why TF They Mad??"

   Hip Hop is in a stage where many listeners and most the "rappers" have forgotten one of the most important ingredients...bars. Watered down half ass lyrics pill over instrumentals barely mixed down. The delivery is very nonchalant. And when the rapper can't find words to rhyme..they mumble. To many…


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Rivasoul Is Quickly Rising In The Industry. And It Is Well Deserved. Check Out His New Video Release "Outlaw"

   Emcee RivaSoul has teamed up with Young Noble & Tigerstyle to release a hard hitting street anthem "Outlaw." Stunningly filmed, the video release holds a crisp Hollywood quality.  RivaSoul holds back no punched in his presentation showing he is an artist already at the peak of his career. From your first time seeing him, hearing his…


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MidWest Recording Artist "Apollo Bandz" Hits Home For Many With His Single "Grew Up No Love"


   Apollo Bandz brought some real life emotion back to hip hop with his deep and dope single "Grew Up No Love." He delivers like an 8 course meal. Filling the listener with some things…


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Robby Myles Drops A New Club Flavored Single and Wants You To "Shake" What Ya Mama Gave Ya

Underground artist Robby Myles releases the new party anthem "Shake." Guaranteed to turn any party or event all the way. Robby flows and croons over the hard bass hitting, body moving instrumental… Continue

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Casper Drops A New Single And His Vibes And Feedback Are What You Would Call Extended

   Underground artist Casper, has recently released his new single "Vibes Extended" available for free streaming via Soundcloud.  A hot instrumental accompanies Caspers flow as he gets…


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Lil Oye Is Working Independently, progressively and Giving the Listeners Some Timeless Music In the Process

    Lyrical Emcee and Queens, New York resident Lil Oye isn't letting being an independent artist slow him down in anyway. Already having a following via Soundcloud and the streets for his…


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Don't Get Burned!! T. Chame Brings the "Heat" in His New Single Release

    T. Chame brings the HEAT, literally, with his latest single release. Simpley titled "Heat" there is no better way to describe it. A rugged, ground shaking hip hop instrumental lays the…


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$cyene And Rondo Team Up To Release The New Single "Twisted Life"

     $cyene (Ca$so and Axy) team up with emcee Rondo come together and release the new song "Twisted Life." A slick little tale about the lies many can live when it comes down to "behind close…


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Dope Gwalla Drops A Hot Video For His New Single "Big .40"

    Its a hot new video out in rotation right now from underground emcee Dope Gwalla. "Big .40" is the title, and just like the big bang of a .40 caliber...this song is making noise and turning heads. And it is well deserved. Dope Gwalla goes line for line dropping street law and over all just real shit. You can tell this isn't just a…


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P110's Artist Cheezee Brings That Fire With His New Single And Video "Talk Like That"

   Hands down...Cheezee KILLED THIS!! You know it's heat when the first line sounds like a complimentary Youtube comment. But we got to give credit where it's due. And Cheezee earned every bit of credit we are about to give.


   As one of the members of P110, Cheezee shows he can hold his own with his new single.video…


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Mirko Tackles An Ill Subject Many Ignore In His Latest Music Video "Mom." This Is A MUST SEE

     Depression. We here about it...we say people act out its characteristics...we in general...ignore it.  But it is a huge issue in the world. Many suffer from it. It affects their everyday living and the everyday living of those around them. It has been deemed so normal to feel "depressed", that…


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HipHop/Grime Artist Eddie Vegas Drops His Debut EP "Grime Kid"

      Eddie Vegas is a grime artist out of Blackpool, U.K. His single "Linkin" featuring PaperBoi, has gained quite a buzz and following over the last 6 months. As a follow up, Eddie brings us a short, but well developed and debut 3 song EP titled 'Grime Kid."  And Eddie uses the short number of songs to…


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Stewie and Don Geno Release A Dope New Music Video For The Single "Hate Me"

    An all star cast of underground talent comes together and creates a hot anthem and video for those getting their own in life.  Recording artist Stewie and Don Geno team up and bring us the hot feel good song "Hate Me." Directed towards the "hate" many of us start to feel as we pursue our goals and begin to rich them, they just want the…


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Chicago Emcee Modello Is A Talented Artist Showing It Is More To Chicago Music Than Violence

     Hip Hop emcee Modello is a Hip Hop & RnB artist. A Talented young man with his head on right. And it reflects through out the good material he has been releasing. A High School graduate, a Model and A song writer and verse spitter, Modello focuses on…


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ChozenOfficial Drops new Video "Name And Face" And It Is HEEEEAAAAATTTT

   Let me start off by saying,...as an American...I absolutely LOVE the over seas Hip Hop scene. They still embrace so much of what Hip Hop was originally built on. Substance filled bars delivered with immaculate style and precision lay over boom bap beats. Real Hip Hop.



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Terri Haute, IN Emcee SS Is Ready To Put The master Plan In Motion With His New Album Release "Phase One"


   SS just dropped his new album "Phase One." A 10 song album with most the production done by producer Sith, and a track produced by SS himself. For starters...the strong rugged…


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MANO$ Takes Us To The Heart of The Trap For His New Video Release "Rest At"

   MANO$ returns with a new single and rough, raw and uncut music video for the track "Rest At."  Filmed so deep in the trap you can feel the hunger for more. MANO$ goes in on this CA$OK produced dark and mysterious track. The beat itself holds so much weight you can feel the pain and struggle of survival with each hit of the bass drum.…


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