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Artist Apex is Gearing Up for the Success of His EP 'The Elevation Clause'

For all who are craving for influential hip hop tracks, log on to SoundCloud and listen to the tracks of Apex’s new EP “The Elevation Clause”. The Bay Area artist who has been into conscious rapping tries to explore and prove his new side in the tracks of the EP Apex is basically independent artist and holds a very strong approach in life. When it comes to music, he selects metaphors that are very culturally related to the youth. He wants…


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The rapper cum singer Jae Kidd shows his exemplary artistry in his “Ride or die”

Jae Kidd has gained huge popularity for his exclusive way of song composition. One of his songs named “Ride or die” is completely made for the people of all age. The flow with different musical instrument will clear away all your pensiveness. The awesome kind of intelligent thing he has showed will amuse your mind and make you a happy person. The 1992 born star will create a great vibe. Jae Kidd has his own music level named Kidd Music and he has recorded…


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You will be spellbound after listening to the Singing of Danny Gates on Soundcloud

Pop music is one of the most excellent genres of all and it is the most exciting as well. This genre has an essence of deeper melody and tune. The enticing nature of pop music even without instrumentation is being efficiently proved by a dedicated singer – Danny Gates. Despite being at the age of 57, nothing could have stopped him from entering the music industry.…


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Real N3mo has Made One Unforgettable Song Named ‘I Glo’

If you are a hip hop music fan you will know how much fun it is when you hear to any new release. Recently the rap artist Real N3emo has come up with his great “I Glo”. The song is perfect when your mood is low and you are not confident about what you want to do next. He knows how to make his lyrics into tune and have an amazing feel. The cumulative kind of rap and the style with high penetration will take you to the world of success. If you want to hear his…


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Induce some more Joy into your Life with the Raps of TooFaced on Soundcloud

Hip-hop and rap has the power to illuminate our lives with its lively approach. Like any other music genre, it also helps us to relax our minds and brains. But on the other hand, it also gives us energy to live. TooFaced is one of those extremely talented rappers who nurture their talent while educating the society.…


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Jay Illicit Delivers His Awesome Song in the Most Stylish Way

The multi talented star Jay Illicit will make you feel amazing with his creative kind of song and the entertaining feel. He makes hip hop songs but with a twist. His song is sort of refreshment for all soul. His exceptional vocal and the mind blowing kind of allurement he will do on you will remain for long. The different kind of lyrics in all of his song is brilliantly portrayed. He has seen himself to be at the top and that has somewhat become true. If you want to hear his…


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‘Absorb’ By Wicked Rain Brings Impressive Musicality

Wicked Rain’s latest single Absorb offers some impressive hip hop and rap beats. This brand new artist from Houston, Texas offers extremely bold and expressive lyrics. His innovative approach towards hip hop and rap music is what makes his music stand out in the crowd. The…


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Randall Lee Richards is the New Country Music Sensation in Music Arena

Creativity and expression are the top two vital qualities of any artist. The core focus of a singer or a composer is to sing or create music pieces that have the attributes to concept with listeners. No matter, every music genre has its own approached to influence its listeners; the one genre that is created with a sole motive to make listeners’ relive their special moments is country music. Also called as the pride of America, country music in true terms makes listeners nostalgic with its…


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Mars Valley’s rapping Skills Will Leave Listeners Mesmerized

In the ever evolving hip hop and rap music scene, there are many new elements that are getting invented by new artists and rappers from all over the world. Of course artists are trying it hard to keep unique, but not all artists have the ability to create something that has never been heard before. SoundCloud music gala is the most crowded zone for hearing new hip hop and rap tracks including other world music genre. It is a tough job to outshine in the music zone. One new artist who is…


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Newbie TheRealAfterParty Is Spreading Energetic Vibes with His Trap Music Pieces

For all who are awaiting a grand party this weekend, log on to Soundcloud and add the tracks of TheRealAfterParty to your favorite list. This young Long Island native is destined to make it to the top of hip hop music scene with his exotic trap tracks that are perfect to set the mood for party. His tracks have the spark, the rawness and the gritty that are the core elements of trap music. His latest track “Plug Talk” is one exemplary track that portrays his mastery on the…


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Freshen Up Your Mind with the Notable Songs by Jimmy Badd

Jimmy Badd can be described as the music therapist as his song has that thing to heal your mind as well as body. The stylish feature and the stunning kind of musical instrument used will give you a pleasant vibe. His song displays his genius creation and the calm mind shows his perseverance. This determination has given him the command to make some beautiful song. His “Animal” is one of the best songs and you won’t…


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Enjoy Mind-Blowing Rhythm-Verse Combination of Zabadaba

Music is the best way to heal your mind when it is going through the toughest situations of your life. Today, a lot of musicians are trying to give music a new direction. Well, some of them have come up with excellent success while others are facing big failure. However, the new name in the world of music, Zabadaba who is also known as Zach Kronland has made some wonderful contributions. Each musical fusion of this rapper is reflecting some new sensational beats.…


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The Hip Hop Tracks of TimmyFlameBoy is the Voice of His Soul

Hip hop is genre of exciting your body and mind with the blend of meaningful lyrics and enchanting beats. It has always been on the top of everything because of its rhythmic approach towards life. TimmyFlameBoy, also known as Timmy Flame, is one of the greatest rappers of this age. His tracks are buzzing around the most popular music streaming site Soundcloud.…


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Make Your Life A Little Easier With The Rap of SinnerCliqueRec. on Soundcloud

The greatness and the depth of hip hop and rap are known to all. The cultural movement made its evolution throughout all these years and made a blasting entry into the pop culture. Now, it is one of the most dominant genres in the musical world. Hip hop and rap is much more influenced by the youth of the society. And still now, hip hop is making its moves with the young rappers only. SinnerCliqueRec. is such a duo from this generation whose music spreads different…


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Enjoy the Rhythm of Life with ‘Fatal Attraction’ by THE BAZ on Soundcloud

The beginning of hip hop was somewhat different than any other musical genre. At its birth, hip hop was not only a music genre, it was something more than that and since then it has always been so. It was a cultural movement which lifted itself to be the most popular genre in the music industry. Hip hop got awarded with some extra ordinary talents and THE BAZ is a fresh name amongst those. This trio’s new track ‘Fatal Attraction’ can easily grab your…


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