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25 Jun 2013 3 Feb 2015 Welcome to the OpenTTD general gameplay tutorial. Here you will be shown how to start a game and set up bus and train routes. This will 21 Nov 2015 tutorials about drawing 8bpp sprites for OpenTTD and TTDPatch. of example templates with alignment; PixelTool - An online tool to help 12 May 2016 6 Nov 2017 8 Feb 2014 This is the development repository of multiple projects by members of the OpenTTD Community as well as friends of #openttdcoop, please refer to the separate 2 May 2010 A Tutorial for OpenTTD, implemented as a GameScript pixeltool. A small javascript webpage which allows to draw and generate vehiclesManual alteration of individual pixels is not recommended. now has a repo at OpenTTD Coop: dev.openttdcoop.org/projects/pixeltool

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