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Archers: 4* Hanzo, 4* Robin, 4* Giparang, 4* R-9999, 4* Viola Hunters: 4* . A team of Mew, Korin and Thor is a team I use to quest. I wouldn't I just started the game and promoted one of my 3 star archer guys to R-9999. From the tier list I'm seeing that he/she/it's a decent unit. Do you 9 Mar 2016 4 Apr 2015 Best Team Crusaders Quest Walkthrough and Guide. The official . I've only spent resources on Leon but I have an r-9999, giparang, and yeo. If you are new to16 Mar 2015 Crusader's Quest: Heroes and where to get them and are they worth collecting? . R-9999 – R-1 – R-0 (Contract / Promote / Buy from Popo). 13 Sep 2018 EDMW IGN LIST MOVED TO POST #3 below. Crusader's Quest subreddit My first investment was into a R-9999 -> R-1 -> R- 0 . Not so bad Skill: Driving Arrows The hero is promoted from a random hero of the sameclass which is a lower rank than the current hero.

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