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Killah Priest - Who Sees His Lyricks and Topics on a Consistent Basis?

Hus From Tha Connection - 1 of the most underrated Hip-Hop MCs!!! - Download the Cognac Tape to get a sample. Link will be on DJ360 wu-world page.

Nas - For Touching All Topics and taking Jayz off with Ether and also because he is also still consistent.
Kendrick-Because he's not afraid to not be nonsense

Cudi-Because he is...just that IMO
(*Me-Because I'm still a secret in hiding, not in the game and the game wont know what to think or how to judge when I decide to stop being a secret in;)

Childish Gambino- I didn't think Id like him, I decided to check him out after ZZWard mentioned working with a producer that works a lot with him, so I finally listened to a Mixtape of his and #1 he makes me laugh in a good way #2 he's clever, disses so subtly you almost miss it, might even think he's giving props/respect almost.. #3 he's smooth...
⇕(or-toss up here)
Earl Sweatshirt- Underrated, quietstorm brewing/growing/evolving hidden in the cut behind shadows of his crew.. He's young so his articulation and level has natural limits still.. But he's serious, for his age-he spits deep, real and raw...he's someone to watch grow...because I believe his potential is beyond what he is given credit for..
I guess I'm just not feelin these main stream cats these days....I'm not sayin that they ain't good or great, but on the real though "Twisted Insane" is a fuckin beast. Can't nobody Fuck wit him. He's a lil to hard core for the majors. The man is straight up hip hop/ rap or however you catagorize him, people start mosh pits at his shows and not just the white boys either. Kinda reminds me of the skateboarders in the 90's talkin bout "Wu Tang Clan ain't nuttin to fuck with."

Childish Gambino is definitelt nyce.....I have to check Earl Sweatshirt....Ive heard he has barz as well...

Def check Earl...tho, avoid his drops of the timeframe he left OF.. He cut a few not so great, tho I feel w OF he is overshadowed and doesn't get the exposure or enough play as he should and they mock too he's a joke, their own lil kid to pick on almost. Clipping wings. Imo again. Lol ...I'm excited to watch him grow. Right now Kendrick and C.G get daily play off me.. And Khomplex is a young one to keep watch for too!
I also dont really find any of them exactly mainstream.. At least, I listen to their indie releases.. Not from the labels per se. But Kendrick Idk if I'd exactly say he's mainstream... Content/context of a lot of his stuff wouldn't get mainstream play. CHILD I like is mk tapes and internet releases.. More than actual label drop. And his freestyle is nice..real nice.


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