The mixtape has revolutionized hip hop with both its positive and negative effects

I just read a post on another site with the  writer stating "F@#k mixtapes" after reading the sentiments of the writer I began to think. The overwhelming majority of the artists who are relevant today got to that point based on the mixtape. 50 cent is often credited with being the first to revolutionize the mixtape as it came back to prominence in the early 2000s. Now it seems as if everyone has a mixtape out and the "mix" has been left out by DJs who either dont have the skill or patience to develop creative mixtapes as in years past with DJs like Doo Wop, Tony Touch and Ron G.

Nevertheless the mixtape has allowed the artist that had little to no chance of being heard the opportunity to get exposure. In this digital age of ring tones, downloads and Ipods the mixtape has served as tool for which an artist with little to no budget can now compete with the majors. The mixtape is simply an effective mode of advertising a single, album or projects the artist may have in store. With this said there is the negative that comes into the equation. One being the saturation of the market i mentioned.


What do you all think?




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