Take the knife for example practically all Woodworking Knives will teach their students how to use knives as martial arts weapons because almost all cultures have developed and used some version of the knife. The Philippines has the balisong, also called a Butterfly knife, which folds into its handle when not being used. The tanto is a Japanese stabbing knife that was usually carried by Japanese women within their obi as their self-defense weapon. There is also the kris that was used in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia during more violent times.

Since many times commoners were forbidden to Peeling Knife martial arts weapons, proficiency in use of wooden sticks as martial arts weapons also grew. The Japanese have the long wooden staff called Jo, whose use is taught in the martial arts of aikido and which is still used in modern times by Japanese police.

The term escrima has been applied to stick-fighting as done in the Philippines it is said by some that an escrima (or arnis) master can use even a simple ballpen as a martial arts weapon in stick-fighting and come out the winner. Use of sticks (both long and short) as martial arts weapons allowed ordinary folk to protect their villages when invaders came to plunder their community even in the absence of bladed martial arts weapons.

Less commonly-known among martial arts Shear Blades is the guang dao, which is a pole that has a blade with a spiked end. A tassel or red sash might be tied to where the blade meets the pole. Nowadays, the guang dao is one of the martial arts weapons used in the sport of wushu. But unlike other martial arts weapons that you can use to attack your opponent, the guang dao is used more to disarm an attacker and render him helpless. The benefit of such long martial arts weapons is that you can enter combat and keep your opponent at a safe distance from you.

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