I been seeing this Next 9 Generals-Wu Competition thing online for a minute. At first I was like WTF? Then i researched a little more and saw that it wasnt being held to try an recreate another Wu Tang. Whew..I could see that being a disaster. I think the project would be great if it were fully endorsed by the Clan and they got involved somehow. Maybe as mentors or teachers of this new crew. Also I think it could be great to give an alternative to the corny rap battles that are out there these days. If this is done the right way the art of MCin can be brought back to light or at least given the respect it deserves.  Now to keep it real. I do have some crtiques about this. This is 2011 not 1998. If this was a Young Money or Roc Nation competition I could see the younger generation easily biting on it as they provide the sound of times. The average 18-21 year old is probably not too familar with Wu or what its even about for that matter. Sad enough to say and nor do they probably care. It will be interesting to see how the organizers of the competition will go about gaining the interest of the younger talented MCs that have the tools to carry that Wu banner. Maybe they can start by  making Wu Tang more visible in the streets and online where these younger talents now spend much of their time and focus their interest.

Next, Who is gonna have the final word on who is to be a winner or member of this group. I saw Cappadonna in the video and thats all good but it seems to me like it will only be legitimate if at least some of the other Clan members endorse the new jacks as well. Since they are supposed to be the "Next 9 Generals" the teacher always grades the students and ultimately determine whether they pass or fail.


What happens with these new cats once they are chosen. Will they become like alot of the Killa Beez I havent heard from in God knows how long?  There is soo much talent under that Wu umbrella but you either hear them mentioned once every blue moon or they drop one project and you never hear from them again. To me there would be no purpose of doin a competition like this unless there was a plan on how make this new group a real force against the current competition in hip hop. If they aint capable of out shinin Young Money, Maybach, Roc, what the point?


I do look forward to seeing how this thing unfolds and I dont doubt the powers that be who are behind this competition had to have calculated all of these things before making it public. To doubt the minds of the Wu would be foolish after all they have done but as a true suppporter and fan of the Wu, you cant help but think.



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This is excellent

Well said.  The cats I've heard are very skillful and I humbly add my crew and myself to that consortium also.  Getting the ear of the young has to do more with marketing than teaching them about the 90's.  Even when Wu came out embracing the 80's and The Juice crew...their sound was extremely "them".....and ridiculously unique.  As NYC is in the re-building stage of MCs.....the new crop has some very powerful influences as a lot of fathers who made records or not but have skill taught their seeds.  SunGod and Corey Gunnz are prime examples as well as Young Dirty Bastard.....so it is an exciting time for the new era of NYC Hip-Hop.  Also..."The Return of The Masculine Man" is in full swing as real cats are getting their intellectual gully on.

Peace and Love!!

I've been trying to find details on this competition for ages now, like the closing date etc. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! :)

Super Supreme: I agree marketing is definitely key but the younger generation are prone to go with what they know or can already relate too. The only thing remotely near that is Raekwon at this time simply cause he is the only one who works with younger more relevant artists. It seems like he is the only one in the Clan that got the picture or even cares to maintain that relevance at this point. Il be listening out thou for these dudes in the competition. I heard the mixtape that is on the page. I must say 75% was hot. There was some wackness on there but hey that just my point of view.


Pamela: Yeah other then this mixtape and some internet talk I would like to know whats goin on with this as well. What are the dates? Where can people go to register? What is the criteria? I got some cats in my hood that could definitely cause damage. Hopefully the Wu heads in charge will let us know soon!

Word!u made some good valid points,if there is gonna be a competition reping these nu artist for Wu they have to have there own type style.Also this nu squad gotta be pushed out there and promoted to the fullest cause theres mad comp. out there feel me.Im one of the contenders in the comp. im waiting to hear word of when the time is to compete.Peace!!

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