Neurological vision impairment is loss of vision resulting from an acquired brain injury or impairment in the coordination of the eyes, and difficulties with visual perception (also known as ABI VI). Damage to the areas of the brain that are responsible for sight is involved.
 The many causes of ABI VI include stroke, brain tumour, head injury and infections such as meningitis. ABI VI used to be called cortical visual impairment and cortical blindness.
 Our eyes deliver information on the world around us to various parts of the brain via nerves that detect light. The occipital cortex, situated at the rear of the brain, processes the information and allows us to see distance, shape, movement and colour. The type and severity of vision loss depend on which area of the brain was affected and to what degree. In some cases, the impairment may improve with time – for example, children with ABI VI tend to experience improvement as they grow older.

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