Honestly, this is the first trading system that outright discuss about the ‘bubble’ characteristic of bitcoin similar to past crashes. Things like the signs of coming bubble burst such as Displacement, Opposing Lobby, Supporters Disengagement are in fact real. Bitcoin shows signs of crashes plus the recent 40% decrease in value is somewhat a ‘bubble-like’ crash. Although I personally believe in bitcoin’s utility for the near future, I would think cryptocurrency prices will inherit bubble-like crashes before it climbs up in the long run.


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If you look from this point of view, then any currency has these disadvantages. The laws of the exchange are created by the strongest players, but even a newcomer can catch luck if he follows the news closely.

I was such a newbie once and tried different options. After several unsuccessful deals, I stopped using cryptocurrency exchanges. This activity is too complicated and carries many risks, but I don’t want to transfer asset management to a broker. Now I use the online exchanger most often - https://365cash.co/en/PMUSD/BTC. I deal not only with cryptocurrency but also with the dollar and conventional payment systems. It is convenient to conduct any transactions through this service.


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